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About Talent Professional

Profile of Talent Professional Training Group

With the vision of assisting corporate clients achieve higher corporate effectiveness for excellence, Talent Professional Training Group strives to introduce the most contemporary world-class management training and consulting services to the Greater China Region - Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland China.

To fulfill its commitment to optimizing corporate management effectiveness, Talent Professional's consultants are most adequately trained and specialized in different related fields. With management with more than 20 years experience in Greater China Region, Talent Professional has profound understanding and adequate expertise to conduct the most contemporary management training and consulting services in the Chinese society. Talent Professional believes: there are always rooms for organizations and their staff to develop their abilities; with appropriate systems and methods, they can attain higher performance. With professional service in management training and consulting, Talent Professional can assist organizations accomplishing better business results and productivities.

Management Training

Business environment in the 21st century undergoes changes at ever-faster paces. To equip staff contemporary management knowledge and skills are of most substantial significance. Consistent development of staff is the key to goal alignment in organizations, performance of different management functions, development and attraction of talents. All successful organizations are determined to invest in their human resources. In Talent Professional, our consultants have adequate experiences in management and training to design and deliver tailor-designed programs, best fitting your business training needs. Our management training programs cover a broad range of topics including Leadership Competenece Development, Change Management, Team Building, Customer Service, Sales Training, etc.

Management Consultancy

Management systems and processes of organizations determine how parties within them perform and interact. Effective management systems and processes lay down the most important foundation for management functions to fully perform. Applying contemporary management knowledge and concepts to these functions, organizations can utilize their resources and optimize performance. Talent Professional's consultants have profound experiences in conducting consulting projects for sizeable organizations. Talent Professional's management consulting services cover Coaching for Management Effectiveness, Process Cost-effectiveness Enhancement and Competence-based Human Resources Management Systems.

Talent Professional believes through these services it does not only develop competences to enhance organizations' performance, but it is also an opportunity of transformation of life and culture in the organizations! Talent Professional can help you foster competences and make the changes!!!



  • Providing effective management training and consulting services to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of management functions.

  • Providing quality corporate training services to uplift talents' performance and competence for higher business achievements.


  • People-focus

    Improving people's qualities, inspiring change in life by life.

  • Customer service

    Placing emphasis on and putting efforts to meet clients' training needs, with enthusiasm, diligence and professionalism.

  • Contribution to society

    Developing programs that bring values to society, exploring talents' potentials and enhancing their performance.

  • Continuous innovation

    Insisting on innovation and making breakthroughs, acquiring the most contemporary professional knowledge, skills and practices in the business world, to create values to each client.