Achieving Service Excellence

Achieving Service Excellence

- Achieving excellence in providing quality service

Companies that offer differentiated, reliable and customer-friendly service have a distinct competitive advantage. Because customers have become more demanding, no longer do they choose speed, quality or price - they now expect all three. This course focuses on the key actions required to achieve real excellence in customer service. The key to customer handling is practice, so you will be encouraged to use real life examples from your place of work to see how you can improve the quality of customer service you provide.

Objectives of Achieving Service Excellence:

  • Understand the importance of customer service as part of the overall organization development

  • Apply the critical skills in handling customers effectively and achieve higher proficiency and productive results at work with an effective customer service process

  • Enhance competence to provide service and handle difficult customers and complaints in a professional and effective manner

  • Apply emotional intelligence in energizing self at work

Sample Outlines of Achieving Service Excellence:

  1. The Importance of Customer Experience

    • The importance of customer service

    • How customer experience creates satisfaction

    • Role & responsibility of each employee to create service image and brand

    • Professional attitude for providing service

    • Create a positive and proactive mindset to provide excellence services

  2. Managing the Service Interaction Process through Better Communication

    • Understanding the communication process

    • Verbal vs. Non-verbal language

    • Proper tone and manner when servicing

    • The use of magic words

  3. Handling Enquiries and Complaints

    • Nature of enquiries

    • The art of listening

    • How to probe for needs with questions

    • Managing telephone enquiries

    • Handling face-to-face interactions

    • Coping with complaints

    • AIDA of complaint handling

  4. Coping with Demanding Customers

    • Different social styles of customers

    • Managing emotions amongst oneself and customers

    • Negotiating and creating options

    • Making a mutually acceptable deal

Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.