Manage Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

- Managing customer relationship with innovation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been adopted by many companies as core development strategy. CRM optimizes values of customers by developing customer relationship with innovation. Recognizing limitations of traditional marketing approaches, CRM is to enhance corporate's cost-effectiveness in tailoring sales and services strategies to unleash business potentials, by differentiation from key elements in traditional marketing. In this programme, CRM is to be examined in macro- and micro-levels, and case studies are used for understanding implementation of CRM system. Participants can apply to use upon programme completion.

Objectives of Customer Relationship Management:

  • Understand contemporary concepts and principles in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Apply CRM system to practical use

  • Resolve internal conflicts when implementing CRM system

  • Strengthen understanding in ideas and use of CRM with examples of well-known corporations

  • Comprehend development processes of CRM

  • Handle disputes with customers with CRM

Sample Outlines of Customer Relationship Management:

  1. Fundamental Strategy of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    • What is CRM

      • Case study: Hong Kong CitiBank's Customer Service Centre

      • Case study: Interview with former CEO of Hang Seng Bank, Vincent Cheng

    • Comparison between Traditional Marketing and CRM

      • Case study: How Standard Chartered Bank Make "Land Enclosure" with CRM

    • Economics to Gain and Retain Customers

      • "Are Chinese customers loyal to their banks?" - Survey on Chinese Consumer Behaviour

  2. Key Points in CRM

    • How Corporate Implements CRM? NCR Teradata - "4R":

      • Offering Right Products and Services (Right Offer)

      • Seeking Right Customer (Right Customer)

      • Contacting with Customer at Right Time (Right Time)

      • Delivering Services with Right Channels (Right Channel)

    • How can Customer Service Centre Overcome Internal Conflicts?

      • Case Study: Standard Chartered Bank's Customer Service Centre

    • Defining the Best Customer: Customer Pyramid Model, Customer Profitability Ratio Groups

      • Case Study: HSBC's CRM

    • Defining the Best Critical Moment for Service Experience

      • Case Study: HSBC's CRM

  3. Application of Customer Relationship

    • Portfolio Review at Right Time

    • Quick Consultation when Market Unsettles

    • Planning New Product Promotion to Suitable Customer Groups

    • Experiencing Events with Customers

    • How to Promote Appropriate Special Offers

    • Providing Suggestions for Clients' Family

  4. Handling Customer Complaints

    • Four Steps in Complaint Handling

      • Impressing with emotions

      • Incentivizing with interests

      • Convincing with ideas

      • Binding with rules

    • Positive Compensation Method

    • Negative Compensation Method

    • Procedures of Dentist

    • Procedures of Buyers

    • Method of ADR (Acknowledge, Defuse , Refocus)

Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.