Enneagram in Management

Enneagram in Management

- Accomplishing business goals and performing works effectively

To accomplish goals and perform work effectively, we have to cooperate with different types of stakeholders. Especially in the 21st century, when everyone gets more specialized in particular edges, it is of more significance to reach goals through cooperation. So, corporate staff have to understand their own and others' character types, handling problems arising from different characters, so that competences and resources can be utilized for generating appropriate synergy and interaction impacts. This programme enables participants to comprehend the nine typical character types, identify types of their own and others, and adopt proper techniques to communicate, interact with people of different characters. Participants can better understand and satisfy traits and expectations of different stakeholders, enhancing effectiveness and productivity at work.

Objectives of Enneagram in Management:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and key ideas of Enneagram, including key factors on development of personality types

  • Comprehend the characters of nine personality types, and their communication and interpersonal interaction patterns and styles

  • Acquire skills to assess participants' own personality types, interaction patterns; and observe others' types and patterns

  • Enhance awareness and skills to develop strengths and rooms for improvement in their communication according to the personality types

  • Possess effective communication and influence generation skills for negotiation and persuasion with people of each of the nine personality types

  • Understand how people of each of the nine personality types may develop to be difficult service-receivers or stake-holders

  • Acquire effective skills to prevent and resolve conflicts with them

Sample Outlines of Enneagram in Management:

  1. Discovering Your Enneagram Style

    • Fundamental Principles of Enneagram

    • Identification of Enneagram types

    • Understanding of Enneagram Styles in Action

    • Increasing Self-awareness

  2. Communicating Effectively

    • Enneagram Communication System

    • Evaluation of One's Own Communication Style

    • Basic Characteristics of Enneagram Communication Styles

    • Enneagram style-based Distortions in Receiving and Sending Messages

    • Enneagram Speaking Styles and Body Language

    • Enneagram Blind Spot and Communication Distortion Assessment

  3. Giving Constructive Feedback with the Enneagram

    • Importance of Constructive Feedback

    • Enneagram Feedback Formula

    • Enneagram Errors in Giving Feedback

    • Enneagram Feedback Styles

  4. Managing Conflict

    • Pinch-Crunch Conflict Model

    • Skill of Preventing Conflicts

    • Skill of De-escalating Conflicts

    • Skill of Resolving Conflicts: For Mutual Understanding and Self-insight

  5. Leveraging Your Leadership

    • How the Leadership Paradigm of Each Enneagram Style Determines and Limits a Leader's Behavior

    • Gifts and Strengths of Each Enneagram Style

    • Leadership Derailers of Each Enneagram Style and How to Prevent Them

Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.