EQ & Stress Management

EQ & Stress Management

- Transforming stresses into driving force on goal achievements

Working pressure is very common among the working classes and emotional stress has become part of the career. In fact, all the pressure is from the value of personal conviction and judgement. The source of pressure is formed by the divergence between individuals' perception of the ideal situation and the reality. As long as there is no right or wrong about the pressure, we can transform it into driving force to help achieve goals.

Objectives of EQ & Stress Management:

  • Understand the correct concept of EQ

  • Unveil the truth of emotions and stresses

  • Equip with stress and negative emotional management skills

  • Gain awareness on personal needs and goals

  • Build a positive team attitude with stronger mindset in work tasks

Sample Outlines of EQ & Stress Management:

  1. Mentality of self-breakthrough

    • EQ awareness?

    • Impetus and EQ

    • Enhancing mindset with EQ

    • Breakthrough the limit of inherent mindset

    • Breakthrough the limit of relying on external forces

    • Breakthrough the limit of "the only way out"

  2. Manage stress and emotion with appropriate approach

    • Source and usage of emotions and stresses

    • Impact of emotion on work

    • Embed positive beliefs to deal with stresses and negative emotions

    • Master emotion management skills to cope with stresses and emotions

  3. Embed optimistic and positive thinking mindset among individuals and teams

    • Enhance self-awareness and interpersonal skills

    • Establish rapport building through face to face and over the phone

    • Move from "I give up" habit to "I can do it" habit

    • Be encouraged to show empathy and acceptance to colleagues

Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.