Highly Effective Sales Training

Highly Effective Sales Training

- Unleashing your selling charisma and turning your sales team into highly effective

Markets of many industries are changing at faster and faster pace, with competition becoming more and more intense. To further develop competitive edges, it is important for company to grasp each opportunity in the market, develop effective sales and marketing channels for promoting their products, and enhance frontline sales staff's selling skills, knowledge and attitude. With changes in the industry and economic environment, it is essential for sales staff to continue developing competences for expanding sales.

Objectives of Highly Effective Sales Training:

  • Understand the principals of selling.

  • Gain a clear perspective on the secrets of highly effective selling techniques.

  • Master the knowledge on modeling the behaviors and strategies of successful sales masters.

  • Build competence in generating greater sales results by proven techniques.

  • Acquire effective communication skills in sales process.

Sample Outlines of Highly Effective Sales Training:

  1. New Concepts of Selling

    • Significance of Relationship-oriented Selling Approach

    • Difficulties in Selling Industrial and Technical Products

  2. Sales Preparation

    • Effective Ways for Getting Potential Customers

    • Perceiving the Needs and Buying Process of Your Customers

    • Setting Objectives and Alternatives

  3. Sales Presentation Skills

    • Matching Product Features with Customer Benefits

    • Winning Customers' Trust

    • Building Rapport with Customers

  4. Closing the Sale

    • Observing Buying Signal

    • Effective Ways for Motivating Customers Confirming Orders

  5. Providing Quality Customer Services

    • Essential Elements of Quality Customer Service

    • Different Level of Quality Customer Service

  6. Effective Communication Skills for Selling and Customer Service

    • Positive Feedback Skills

    • Empathetic Skill

Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.