Management Training Newsletter

Management Training Newsletter

Year 2012

Embracing Business Challenges to Achieve Business Breakthroughs in the Year of Dragon, with Talent Professional's Wise Solutions!

Businesses are facing new substantial challenges under a global economic fluctuation and rapid market changes. How your business formulate winning strategies to cope with challenges are of important to retain business results and reach a new height in the Year of Dragon.

As your best partner in corporate training and management consultancy who always puts your concerns in top tier, Talent Professional got the wise answer for you - to effectively lift up team performance to cope with business challenges for better business results - With our team of topnotch consultants who have profound expertise in training and consulting.

Talent Professional offers the following tailored management and staff training programs to suit your most specific needs:

Management Training Newsletter: Embracing Business Challenges with Talent Professional's Comprehensive Management Training Solutions in 2012

Management Training Newsletter: Embracing Business Challenges with Talent Professional's Comprehensive Management Training Solutions in 2012

Year 2010

With better training plan, you can enhance corporate growth and make business breakthroughs in the Year of Tiger!

This Year of Ox is marked by unprecedented challenges in global economy. With the New Year of Tiger at the corner, markets are consolidating and regaining momentum these days. How will you plan for the New Year? If your company has already stood the crashes this year, how may you enhance preparedness to capture growth opportunities? How may you develop your working team for chances of expansion? How will your company plan to strengthen staff's performance and competences to take up reemerging business around?

Tigers' strength is colossal. Their actions are powerful. After stalking animals, they will get close and pounce at sudden dash to catch the preys. In the Year of Tiger, all companies hope to act with strength as tigers. Whereas the changes in the past year are tremendous, the market opportunities in the Year of Tiger may spring up drastically. How have you been ready for them?

These days, companies are busy making out plans for the next year. One important aspect companies are planning about is training and development. With adequate training, staff in companies can have greater motivations and growth to perform. With consultants profoundly experienced in training and consulting, Talent can assist you in preparing next year's training plan, with its edges in Management Training, Management Consulting and Personal Effectiveness Training. Talent can tailor-design programmes for your organizations.

Management Training

Business changes intensify in the 21st century. All successful organizations need to enhance staff's management knowledge and skills. Talent can help meet this need with its management training programmes including Leadership Competences Development, High Performance Teambuilding, Enneagram in Management, Corporate Coaching in Leadership, Excellence in Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), EQ and Stress Management and Highly Effective Selling Technique.

Management Consulting

Management systems and processes are important for functions in organizations to smoothly perform. Talent Professional's consultants have profound knowledge and experiences in designing and implementing consulting projects for large-size corporations. With projects as Coaching for Management Effectiveness, Process Cost-effectiveness Enhancement, and Competence-based Human Resources Management Systems, Talent Professional's consulting services can assist corporations in full performance.

Personal Effectiveness

Training Human potentials need to be utilized. This is always the critical reason for people to be successful Talent can help individuals grow by its numerous personal effectiveness programmes. These include Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training, Meta-Coaching Certification, NLP Certificate Courses, Enneagram Certificate Courses and other internationally-renowned programmes.

With these services and programmes, your organizations can enhance performance, and commence positive changes in working teams!!! To know Talent better, visit us at Talent can design programmes according to your budget and needs.