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Meta-Coaching Certification

Meta-Coaching is a powerful coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking Coach and client to higher levels - to Developmental and Transformational Coaching. That is why we call it "meta" meaning a higher level. At these levels profound change occurs naturally and easily.

The result is success and transformation.

Meta-Coach Training is an accelerated coach training system that supports participants to move through learning modules, culminating in Master Coach status.

It is taught in an environment that gives participants every opportunity to excel - as Executive, Personal (Life), Organisational and Self Coaches.

This comprehensive program differentiates itself from other coaching education by integrating three key areas of a successful coaching career:

  • Your Self
  • Your Coaching Skills
  • Your Coaching Business

Meta-Coach Training draws on the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics (NS), and integrates them into cutting-edge coaching psychology. The training programs are rigorous, and qualifications internationally recognised.

Who will benefit from Meta-Coach Training?

Meta-Coach Training has both broad and specific application. It is ideal for:

  • Those who are passionate about transformative human growth and development.
  • New and experienced coaches (including NLP practitioners) who want to invigorate their clients with fast, effective, cutting-edge coaching modalities.
  • Sports coaches, CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers and sales managers who want potent tools to optimise the performance of a team or business.
  • Parents and teachers wanting to nurture and support human development.

Where will this training take you?

As you learn cutting-edge tools to create outstanding results for your clients and your business, you'll experience simultaneous quantum leaps in your own development. Meta-Coach Training gives you the power to transform any and every aspect of your life; to fulfil your wildest dreams and exceed previous expectations; to take the joyous and enriching path of excellence.

Master revolutionary coaching models

Your training is grounded in the Communication Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Semantics (NS). You'll discover the powerful Matrix Model for knowing where you are with a client and for "reading" a person's inner world. You will use the Axes of Change Model for masterfully dancing with a client through the eight stages of change.

Get to the core of human development

As you learn the very structure of human change and development, you'll gain tools to really get inside the way people communicate, learn and change so that you can coach for more complete and sustainable solutions. You'll use incredible techniques to bring about positive and profound life change.

"I've come from an executive background, from a corporate background and I suppose the real value for me was they really talked about how executive coaching works in the work place. For me, that was fantastic value and on top of that, Michael Hall recommended that each one of us pick a mentor from that group of people who were at Meta-Coaching, so that we had someone to fall back on in terms of support, so I picked one of them and he's there for me, anytime."

Sylvia Fernandes, Executive Coach, NLP/NS Trainer

World-wide accreditation

Your Meta-Coach qualification is recognised world-wide. You'll hold the most highly-regarded and sought after accreditation in your field.

Dramatically increase your income

Learn proven, current business strategies from people who have built lucrative coaching businesses. Gain the confidence and drive to put them into practice, and enjoy a new level of job satisfaction and financial rewards.

"The Meta-Coaching program delivers more useful and practical information per minute/ per dollar spent than any training program I have ever attended - and I have been to a great many of them. This is the best delivered and most useful piece of NLP/NS that I have attended in the last twenty-five years! A brilliant experience."

Jim Brush, NS-NLP Trainer, Business Coach, California USA

What makes Meta-Coach Training unique?

Academic rigour and practical application

Meta-Coaching is the highest evolutionary state of two disciplines: Cognitive Behavioural Science and Master Coaching. Meta-Coach Training, therefore, has both academic/intellectual integrity, and practical coaching and business applications. You will learn:

  • Coaching skills and business strategies.
  • The Communication Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - an advanced communication model for running your own brain.
  • The Cognitive Behavioural Science of Neuro-Semantics (NS) - a revolutionary model for translating great ideas and meanings into muscle memory for intuitive and effective behaviours.

Comprehensive, competency-based training

You'll undertake between 180 - 510 hours of coaching-specific training. Other coach training courses average 50 - 100 hours. The internationally recognised Meta-Coaching qualifications are stringently assessed and tested on an ongoing basis.

Modular training that's fast and flexible

Meta-Coach Training is the most advanced in the world. A modular structure allows you to process through units or levels of accreditation right up to the level of Master Meta-Coach Certification at a pace that suits you. It allows you to complete modules of training that are immediately relevant to your life and/or business - then build on your qualifications as your confidence, experience and business develop.

Learn from Master Coaches

You will learn from and replicate the success of four Master Coaches who have reached the pinnacle of their profession. You'll learn from and have the support of Expert Coaches who specialise in the fields of Executive, Personal, Organisational (Group) and Self Coaching.

Ongoing support and development

A "buddy" system, group mentoring, benchmarking tools for self-assessment and access to expert coaches throughout and beyond the training ensure you are supported to excel. You'll join an international community of highly successful, highly creative people. You'll have access to ongoing releases of the latest research and development.

Take what you need for your life

While full Master Meta-Coach certification is not for everyone, you can build invaluable results-focused coaching skills by completing just Module 1 & 2.

Master Certified Meta-Coach

Five Accreditation Modules:

  • Module 1: Coaching Essentials
  • Module 2: Coaching Genius
  • Module 3a: Associate Certified Meta-Coach Training
  • Module 3b: Internal Certified Meta-Coach Training
  • Module 4: Professional Certified Meta-Coach Assessment
  • Module 5: Master Certified Meta-Coach Training/Assessment


Dr. L. Michael Hall
Dr. L. Michael Hall

Certification: Certificate issued by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics will be awarded to qualified candidates.


Relevant Certification Courses:

*Chartered classes for businesses and organizations can be arranged and tailored with specific topics and duration upon request. Please contact us for further information!