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Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training Certification

Why joining Dr. L. Michael Hall's Neuro-Semantics Trainers Training?

  1. International Certification from Renowned Institute
    The International Society of Neuro Semantics(ISNS) is a society with institutes situated in USA, Sweden, Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and China. The ISNS is renowned in the field of Neuro Semantics and the certification of this Trainers Training is recognized internationally.

  2. Studying from the top trainer and the co-founder of Neuro Semantics
    Dr Michael Hall, with the doctorate in the Cognitive-Behavioral sciences, is the co-founder of Neuro Semantics. He has been teaching ten thousands of people all over the world and published 40 books. During the course, you will receive personal attention from such successful trainers in the field of personal development.

  3. Ability to certify courses honored internationally
    Upon completion of the course, you would be commissioned to teach and certify NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training. You can give out ISNS Certificates which are honored internationally.

  4. Gain insights from the persons who has the most significant contribution to NLP
    Dr Michael Hall discovered the Meta-States model that became the most significant contribution to NLP by The International NLP Trainer's Association in 1995. Neuro-Semantics has and continues to take NLP to a new level of professionalism in models and ethics. This Trainers Training would uplift your knowledge to a higher level.

  5. Inclusive of coaching session to maximize learning effect
    In between the gap time of January and May lessons, there would be a coaching session for retaining the training effect and enhancing the knowledge of the participants. Exchange among trainees is highly encouraged.

  6. Well-establish platform for professional development
    Trainer membership in ISNS is available to graduates of the Neuro-Semantic Trainers' Training. There are online resources, training and publications for continuing developing your career. It provides ongoing support for trainers and coaches.

  7. Gaining international qualification in the most efficient way
    This is the first time for Michael Hall to conduct Trainers Training held in Hong Kong. By taking this cost, it saves your traveling and accommodation cost in studying overseas to get the international qualification.

  8. Career opportunity as an international trainer
    Graduate would be given a chance to become the co-trainer of Dr Michael Hall to conduct training in various countries. It would be a valuable opportunity to gain real and practical experience in training for different cultures.

Enroll now by simply filling in the application form or online application at here to become a qualified Trainer in Neuro-Semantics and NLP!

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