What is NLP/NS

What is NLP/NS?

NLP has been increasingly used in corporate training and personal effectiveness programmes recent years. Founded by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder in the 70's in the University of California Santa Cruz, NLP was derived from their study of human communication pattern and structure, together with in-depth exploration of how human influence each other. As a brain operating manuals, NLP helps us to understand how to crack the communication code, facilitate the process of communication, and take methods for storing information with experiences. Achievements and success in life stem from functions of human brain, which include mode of thinking, behavior and language. For NLP can effectively enhance operational efficiency of the brain, NLP can produce great influence in all aspects of life.

NLP specializes in the inter-relationship between human "brain", "language" and "behavior". It deeply examines the causes of complex human behaviour and develops a variety of techniques and methods to help achieve excellent human behavior. It is an effective model for human behavior and communication procedures.

The key rules of NLP can be applied to understanding of human experience and behavior, and to making changes in them. NLP is also used in treatment, with powerful, fast and implicit impacts. It can make wide-ranging and long-lasting change in human behavior and ability. NLP focuses on the amendment and re-design of mode of thinking in order for learners to have greater flexibility and capacity.

NLP: Brain Operating Manual

More and more people and studies have shown that NLP can produce significant and long-lasting impacts on life and performance. The reason is that NLP make changes in the deep-down mind structure underneath external, observable behaviour. Receiving messages and regulating behaviour in specific ways, our mind structure is made up by many of our experiences and habitual behaviour. To fully perform with our mind structure, we need a brain operating manual to help ourselves handle the negative experience and habitual behaviour deeply rooted within. Reforming the mind structure, we change how we receive messages and attain our best performance.

NLP provides this brain operating manual. These years, knowing more of how collective experiences and behavioural patterns may confine staff performance, an increasing number of corporations are interested in ways to convert them for enhancing staff performance. With skills and techniques which can be applied in communication, management, team development for coping with challenges in different situations and performing more effectively, NLP has been used in many fields for corporations and people to utilize resources of positive individual and collective experiences.


Refers to the nervous system. We perceive the world through:

  1. Visual (pictures)

  2. Auditory (sounds)

  3. Kinaesthetic (feelings)

  4. Olfactory (smells)

  5. Gustatory (tastes) and our subconscious mind


Refer to our verbal and nonverbal communication


Refer to the inertia of our behavior, strategy and mode of thinking. Through a series of NLP techniques, we can upgrade our brain system with new "program", just as upgrading the computer.

NLP helps corporate and individuals to have breakthroughs in performance:

  • Use individual's unique resources efficiently to cope with challenges
  • Understand on self growth, change and clarifying goals
  • Build a dynamic and cohesive team
  • Establish effective and excellent strategies
  • Improve self reflection and affinity towards others
  • Enhance self-motivation and target specification of managers
  • Promote sense of belonging among staff in the department
  • Stimulate sales and productivity

Applicability of NLP to corporate training

With a multitude of skills and techniques for enhancing interpersonal interaction and self status management, NLP has been incorporated into a number of corporate training themes. To tailor-design training programmes for meeting corporate needs, appropriate concepts and techniques in NLP can be introduced to enhance the learning effectiveness.

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