Participants were inspired by Michael Hall's teaching.

Michael Hall helped solve problems of participants' skills by demonstration.

Participants enhanced learning in group discussion.







Participant’s Feedback after Joining Dr. Michael Hall’s Programme

For Dr. Michael Hall is to conduct Neuro-Semantic Train-the-trainer Programme 25 – 31 January and 4 – 10 June 2010, many participants have profound interest in knowing more about this international-level scholar, and people’s feedback on his previous programmes.

In August 2009, Dr. Hall conducted Neuro-Semantic programmes both in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The programmes generated significant impacts upon participants. Recently, one of the participants shared in his blog about his positive feedback after attending Dr. Hall’s programme on 25 August (original mainly in Chinese, translation in English in this letter):

‘ 今日上完 michael hall 既一天 meta coaching 培訓,感覺實在震撼! ’

‘After attending Michael Hall’s one-day meta coaching programme today, I find the impact to me so tremendous!’

‘ 近一年多,我參加過很多大師的培訓,由 Robert Dilts 的第三代 NLP ,到 John Grinder 的 New Code ,到 Richard Bandler 和 Owen Fitzpatrick 的厚厚新書,莫不給我的 NLP 學問一個又一個的新靈魂。而且,學得越多,我對學問質素的要求也越來越高,對假學問或無成效的理論的批判也越來越狠,當中目的是找到個人成長中,最關鍵,而最能夠學到用到的東西。 ’

‘In the past a year and more, I participated in programmes by many gurus, Robert Dilts of the third generation in NLP, John Grinder of New Code, Richard Bandler and Owen Fitzpatrick of their colossal new books. All these refresh my learning in NLP. With more learning, I have higher expectation on its quality, and harsher criticisms against false or ineffective ideas. I need to find out those of greatest values to my learning and growth.’

‘MH 在學問的貢獻上表現了極強的創造性和獨立性。由於他有自己建立的名字 (meta coaching/neuro-semantics) ,他的學問不限於 NLP 的框架 ” 之下 ”( 他可以指出 NLP 的問題而不會被人認為 ” 離經叛道 ”) ,而在 NLP” 以外 ” ─我認為他是運用 NLP 去發展更多更深入 , 一些 NLP 希望解開的問題。 Michael Hall 對我說 : NLP 是在一股對 self acutalization 的熱潮中形成的,而 NLP 模擬的大師的學問,正是從提出自我實現的 Maslow 而來。 ’

‘MH demonstrates creativity and originality in his academic contribution. For he establishes meta coaching / neuro-semantics, his teachings are not confined to existing framework of NLP. He can point out questions in NLP without being viewed as offensive. In addition to NLP, I think he explores more by NLP and issues to be addressed by NLP. Michael Hall told me: NLP was formed amid trends in self actualization which originates from Maslow’s works.’

For details, you may view the whole sharing in Dr. Hall’s programmes have for years produced significant impacts on many people’s life. It is hoped that you can know Dr. Hall and his teaching more in the future.