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About Talent Professional


Talent Professional Training Group is a team of professional trainers and consultants who are dedicated to providing you professional solutions tailoring to your specific needs or situation you would like to improve. We have a strong belief that no matter how great a corporate or team is, there is always room for further enhancement. With tailored and customized training or consultant solution, a corporate or team can reach new heights in its effectiveness and performance for ultimate excellence. This belief also forms the mission of the team’s daily work, to always strive for designing the best solutions which are tailored for each of our clients according to the specific needs and background.

With such a strong mission and belief, Talent Professional has well-formed a team of professional consultants who are well trained and each of them owns their specialized fields. With more than 20 years of experiences in Greater China Region, our team has profound understanding and expertise of the region to provide the best-fitted training and consultant services to the clients, and have helped more than 10,000 clients improve and enhance their team’s effectiveness or corporate performance with our solutions with different needs.


Management Training


Talents are the most important assets of a corporate or organization. Only if the talents are well trained and retained could a corporate or organization build a strong team and achieve outstanding performances, and this marks the importance of talent development in the team’s performance. We guarantee the most suitable trainer to provide our clients the tailored training solutions according to each of our clients’ needs and the staffs’ background, as well as job responsibilities. Some of our most popular training programs include Creative Problem-Solving, Coaching Skills, Change Management, Advanced Selling Skills, Excellence in Customer Service, Effective Presentation Skills and High Performance Team Building.


Management Consulting


Management systems and processes of organizations have an impact on how the internal stakeholders perform and a good management system is important to allow the team to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness during their work. Our team is dedicated to provide insightful recommendations that allow the corporate and organization to optimize their resources, especially intangible resources, as well as business performance. Some key consultant services include Coaching for Management Effectiveness, Process Cost-Effectiveness Enhance, and Competence-based Human Resources Management Systems.



  • Striving to assist our clients to reach new heights in its performance of the corporate and the teams through tailored training and consulting services for ultimate excellence



  • Design tailored training and consulting solutions to our clients according to each of the specific needs 

  • Deliver interactive and effective training to the clients to maximize the training effectiveness and impact of the participants

  • Provide insightful consulting services for enhancement in management systems and processes to achieve business excellence



  • People-focus: Focus on developing talents and inspiring changes in life with life

  • Customer service: Continue to devote effort in understanding the true needs of our clients, with enthusiasm, diligence, and professionalism for the best services

  • Contribution to society: Develop programs which bring values to society and explore potentials of the talents and enhance their performance

  • Continuous innovation: Insist on innovation and breakthroughs, continue to improve and acquire professional knowledge with the on-going changes in the external environment


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